TSAP Programs

Transfer Single Articulation Pathways

If you have completed or will complete one of the Transfer Single Articulation Pathway (TSAP) degrees at either Ivy Tech Community College or Vincennes University prior to enrolling at Indiana University, you may wish to apply to the corresponding degree program at IU Bloomington. To earn a baccalaureate degree through a TSAP program at IU Bloomington, you must:

  • indicate on your application that you are applying for admission as a TSAP student,
  • meet all TSAP admission criteria for the desired baccalaureate degree and be admitted to IU Bloomington as a TSAP student in the specified program,
  • follow the TSAP degree map in the specified program, without deviation, completing all courses on time and meeting all minimum grade requirements for the degree.

TSAP students who change majors, decide to pursue a different degree, or do not follow the TSAP degree map as specified will no longer be considered TSAP students.

For details on specific TSAP programs at Indiana University Bloomington, please click on the appropriate link below.