Elementary Education

Students who are admitted to Indiana University Bloomington as TSAP students in Elementary Education will have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Education: Elementary Education.

Minimum Admission Requirements for the TSAP in Elementary Education at IU Bloomington

  1. Official student transcript verifying completion of the TSAP in Elementary Education and the STGEC at ITCC or VU must be received by the IU Bloomington Office of Admissions prior to July 1 for Fall term admission. A candidate for Spring admission can be reviewed and conditionally admitted to the program with verification from Ivy Tech, by December 15, that the student has met or is on track to meet all admission requirements by the end of December. The student’s admission will be considered conditional and enrollment for future terms will be prohibited until the official transcript confirming completion of TSAP and STGEC milestones has been received from Ivy Tech.
  2. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 at ITCC or VU.
  3. No grade lower than a C in courses required as part of the Elementary Education TSAP at ITCC or VU.

Students may be admitted as IUB Elementary Education TSAP students for the Fall or Spring term only.

The deadline for application to the IUB Elementary Education TSAP program is June 1 for the Fall term and November 1 for Spring term admission.

Students must also meet all campus requirements for admission to Indiana University Bloomington. Admission to IU is selective, and we base our admission decisions on an overall evaluation of applicants' merits, strengths, and weaknesses. An applicant should demonstrate a combination of academic preparation, achievements, abilities, motivation, and maturity that promises success in Indiana University's academic programs. Simply meeting the published minimum requirements for a TSAP program does not guarantee admission to that program.

Important Degree Completion Details

TSAP students who change majors, decide to pursue a different degree, or do not follow the TSAP degree map as specified will no longer be considered TSAP students.

Forfeiture of TSAP status may result in changes to transfer credit articulations. For details, please consult with the academic advisor for your TSAP program.